Let’s Talk…TDVAM

For Immediate Release
February 1, 2021

Teen dating violence is more common than people think.  Did you know that 1 in 3 teens in the U.S. will experience some form of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse by someone they are in a relationship with before they become adults?  Nearly 2/3 of those youth will never tell anyone.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month is a month-long campaign dedicated to raising awareness about teen dating violence and abuse.  Every February, people across the United States join together for the cause. Locally, Crisis Intervention Service and the Bee Inspired Program through Building Families are teaming up to provide tips, tools, and other resources on the topic geared toward youth, parents/caregivers, schools, churches, libraries, providers, and other community members.  Our goal is to encourage open and honest dialogue about teen dating violence with a local theme of “Let’s Talk…TDVAM”. 

There is a lot that YOU can do to help prevent teen dating violence and abuse.  One of the most important is keeping the lines of communication open with youth.  To help educate and spread awareness, we have created short and  actionable activities that individuals may be involved in throughout the prevention month:

  1. Get the FACTS, Start EARLY, & TALK Often—Everyone has the right to a safe and healthy relationship. However, dating abuse can happen to anyone. To help make a positive difference in changing the statistics, we encourage individuals to share the shared facts, promote healthy relationships, and have open and honest conversations on teen dating violence. These can be shared in announcements, bulletins, newsletters, social media, and more.
  2. Let’s Talk…TDVAM—Individuals may join a “Let’s Talk” Facebook Live Event on Thursday February 25, 2021.  Tiffany, the Bee Inspired Program Coordinator, will be having a casual conversation with Kaylea from Crisis Intervention Service.
  3. Respect Week—We will be providing ideas for raising awareness about healthy relationships, consent, dating abuse, and more. Individuals may choose to implement one or all of them throughout the second week of February.
  4. Wear Orange—The ask is simple, wear orange and show your support for Teen Dating Violence prevention on Tuesday February 9, 2021.  We have created 3 simple steps to share on social media.
  5. Education, Prevention, & AwarenessLoveisrespect.org is focusing on “KNOW Your Worth”.  Learn all about healthy relationships, self-empowerment, and ideas on how to stop dating abuse/violence before it starts.  EVERY person is deserving of a healthy, loving relationship.

Know Your Worth








For more information and resources, feel free to contact:

Kaylea Green (Domestic Abuse Advocate) with Crisis Intervention Service at kaylea@cishelps.org

Tiffany Larson (Bee Inspired CAPP Program Coordinator) with Building Families at tlarson@co.wright.ia.us

1. A press release for TDVAMWe are sharing information on how others can join us.  In the google drive you will find the following:

2. A flyer for a Let’s Talk…Facebook Live Event on 2/25/2021 at 6pm on the Bee Inspired CAPP Program Facebook Page

3. A graphic for Wear Orange Day on 2/9/2021

4. A flyer for our local Respect Week

5. A Stat Sheet


YiP Program Seeking Youth Members in Hamilton County







Are you a junior?  A senior? Attend a high school in Hamilton County? Want to be involved in making a difference in the county? Join the Youth in Philanthropy (YiP) Program Advisory Committee!

The Youth in Philanthropy (YiP) Program is a component of the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation (EHCF). It allows juniors and seniors from Hamilton County to experience philanthropy first hand. While serving on the Advisory Committee, youth will be able to review grants and award monies steered by their decisions to assist local non-profit organizations that serve Hamilton County. Youth involved gain leadership skills, and are taught the importance of giving and serving. A total of eight area students (four juniors and four seniors) participate on the YiP Advisory Committee, and represent both the South Hamilton and Webster City Community School Districts.

For the 2020-2021 School Year, the students that served on the committee last year will be given the opportunity to serve again this year. Thus, the EHCF is seeking juniors to fill two spots from each school district in Hamilton County (and 1 senior spot at WebsterCity). To entice participation, the EHCF Board provides Advisory Committee members with a $250 scholarship for each year they participate (with a max of $500 for both years served).

Youth interested in being a part of the Advisory Committee are encouraged to review the information sheet and complete the application. Completed application forms may be submitted to the high school guidance counselor, or emailed to tlarson@co.wright.ia.us or beeinspiredcappprogram@gmail.com. Submission deadline has been extended to END OF DAY (11:59PM) on Wednesday, January 27, 2021. The youth selected to serve will be notified ASAP, as grant recommendations are needed prior to February 9th.

For questions and additional information on the Youth in Philanthropy Program, feel free to contact the Advisory Committee Chair, Tiffany Larson (Bee Inspired Program Coordinator), at tlarson@co.wright.ia.us or by calling (o) 515.602.6371 x 4 (c) 515.835.1836.

The Application and more Information may be found in the YiP Google Drive here.

The Buzz Is…It’s Time For Scheduling!







Bee sure to check out our YouTube Snippet on Bee Inspired Programming being scheduled NOW!

The Bee Inspired Program is now scheduling programming for the 2020-2021 year in Franklin, Hamilton, & Wright Counties (Iowa).  We are one of the Programs offered through the Building Families Early Childhood Area.







We are 1 of the 20 Community Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (CAPP) Grantees in the state of Iowa, through Prevent Child Abuse Iowa.







We are able to collaborate with community agencies, schools, youth-serving and faith organizations, businesses, youth, parents/caregivers and other alternative settings. Our programming is:

  • medically accurate
  • age-appropriate
  • evidence-based/informed
  • offered at no cost

We cover a variety of comprehensive sexual health topics (i.e. communication, relationships, consent, decision-making & refusal skills, puberty, anatomy & reproduction, adolescent pregnancy and STD/STI prevention) through a variety of curricula options & topical presentations, as well as other resources, outreach, & programming options!

Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in having our Program Coordinator buzz by your school/alternative setting, civic/community group, health fair, zoom event, or another community setting. With COVID, we know some things are still up in the air and are subject to change. Please note that programming can be offered in-person or adapted virtually.



Buzzworthy Tidbits: Programming Updates & Resources

Building Families is housed in Clarion at the Wright County Professional Building. Thus, the Bee Inspired Program and other Building Families services have been following protocol for ALL Wright County Offices since mid-March. The offices (as of May 27, 2020) still remain CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC!  However, our services have not stopped. Effective March 17th, until further notice, Building Families programming staff (including the Bee Inspired Program Coordinator) have been working remotely from home.  Individuals/Clients are asked to make arrangements in advance, or schedule an appointment; for the safety of employees, clients, & the public.







To get in contact with programming/services that are funded by Building Families:
Phone: 515.602.6371 (follow extension prompts)
Visit our website at buildingfamilies.net
Or contact via social media/email:
Building Families Early Childhood Area
Executive Director-
McKinley Bailey at mbailey@co.wright.ia.us

Parent Connection HHW-
Angela Wesselink at awesselink@co.wright.ia.us

Bee Inspired CAPP Program-
Tiffany Larson at tlarson@co.wright.ia.us
(Bee Inspired Program serves Franklin, Hamilton, & Wright Counties)






Early Childhood Education Advisor through Building Families & Family Resource Center-
Amy Shannon at ashannon@carrollfrc.org

There are additional programs that are funded through Building Families that are following their own individual agency/county protocols.You can contact each HOPES Program at each offfice—
Hamilton County Public Health, Wright County Public Health, Humboldt County Public Health.

Questions on child care? You can contact McKinley and Amy, or we are referring to CCR&R at https://iowaccrr.org/families/ or
Child Care Resource & Referral of Northwest Iowa.

Building Families is a non-profit that provides funding & supports to quality programs and services in Hamilton, Humboldt, and Wright County that develop healthy, independent and successful children and families. If we aren’t able to assist, people can reach out to additional services offered in the surrounding counties. Some are listed in the RESOURCE DIRECTORY, which can be found at communitylinksforfamilies.org. In addition, the Bee Inspired Program Coordinator serves Franklin County.

Remember to stay connected, while practicing social distancing. We are working remotely, but are here to help children, families, & communities however we can. Please reach out if you need resources & information, or support. There is so much uncertainty right now, including how the summer activities will take place or how the school year may look for schools, educators, students, & communities as a whole in the Fall.  We are doing our best to share buzzworthy tidbits, tips, tools, & other resources on our social media platforms (Building Families is on FacebookTwitter, & Instagram; Bee Inspired Program is on FacebookTwitter, & Instagram; and Parent Connection is on FacebookTwitter, & Instagram) to help individuals stay connected. We will be working on our continued updates to the Building Families and Bee Inspired websites.

We have shared health and service-related and youth development info, ACES/trauma-informed care/social and emotional support info, adolescent sexual health topics, awareness months, and more ideas/topics from our collaborative partners in the serving area.

In addition, below are some local, state, & national resources that may be useful to YOU, a friend, a family member, a youth, or someone else in your community regarding community, health, & mental health resources.  They include the CICS 24/7 Crisis Line & Warm Line information, as well as info on yourlifeiowa.org. Here is that info for you:

1. CICS (serving 11 counties in North/Central Iowa) offers the Warm Line, which is now available 7 days per week from 2-10pm. The 24/7 Crisis line & mobile crisis unit are still available. It utilizes the statewide crisis line (Your Life Iowa) for crisis calls, & to dispatch their Eyerly Ball mobile crisis teams. Please use or share with others!
Call: (855) 581-8111
Text: (855) 895-8398
Chat online: https://yourlifeiowa.org/
Note: Foundation2 does have interpreting capabilities

2. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach also offers a free service connecting Iowans with information to better navigate through life circumstances. Individuals can call 1-800-447-1985 (interpretation services available), visit their website to live-chat with a stress counselor, or email an expert regarding their issues. www.extension.iastate.edu/iowaconcern/.

Local ISU Extension & Outreach offices may be closed to the public in all counties.  However, they are still available remotely.  Below is their contact information.  They are all posting useful resources & ideas on their social media.

Hamilton County ISU Extension & Outreach is available by phone (515-832-9597), email (xhamilton@iastate.edu), online (extension.iastate.edu/hamilton) or on Facebook messenger.

Franklin County is able to take your calls and respond to email. Many of their resources can be found online at their website www.extension.iastate.edu/franklin. They can be reached at 641-456-4811.

Wright County can be reached by phone at (515-532-3453) or email (xwright@iastate.edu).

Humboldt County can call 515-332-2201 or email Kim Axne: kaxne@iastate.edu Kiersten Beilke: kbeilk@iastate.edu Lexi Seuntjens: seuntjen@iastate.edu.

3. Building Families created a Google Drive with Mental Health & Community Service Resources shared by providers in multiple counties. (CICS for Hamilton & Franklin Counties, and County Social Services for Wright & Humboldt Counties. During this time, please call your local county office for assistance, and any other up-to-date information. Some locations are gradually opening to appointment only.
We want to highlight some of the Hamilton County resources specifically. Listed on the sheet are several programs/services available at the Hamilton County Community Services Building (including CICS and General Assistance), YSS of Hamilton County, Van Diest Medical Center (including Senior Life Solutions), Berryhill Center for Mental Health and Integrated Behavioral Healthcare through UnityPoint Health – Fort Dodge, Children & Families of Iowa, Families First, Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Inc. of Hamilton County, & Hamilton County Public Health, & Community & Family Resources. Additional resources available that serve Hamilton County and the surrounding area are Community Health Center of Fort Dodge, Youth Shelter Care of North Central Iowa.

Iowa Specialty Hospital has posted tips and resources on their social media. In addition, individuals can connect with the Mental Health/Counseling Team at:  https://www.iowaspecialtyhospital.com/services/counseling-and-therapy-services?fbclid=IwAR3fe3a164RItA94JQKSI7hFcfuzO09KgwBcnicI8k_KKJMLX8138Y0E2N

Additional resources can be found in the Community Resource Directory (for Hamilton, Humboldt, Wright, & Webster Counties), offered by Building Families (buildingfamilies.net). It is available in English & Spanish, & will be updated this summer. The link is communitylinksforfamilies.org. The resource directory for the Franklin County service area is being updated, & will be shared by the Franklin County Family Focus Group.

Iowa & National Resources:
NAMI Central Iowa
Mental Health First Aid USA
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ‘1-800-273-TALK (8255)’

4. Here is some food pantry info for Hamilton, Humboldt, Wright, & Franklin Counties. Note that some locations may have new safety proceduresfor distribution in place, or have changed their days/times. You may want to call ahead. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1ZDG6qYIDlt4D1I1yHV042QNNYVs4nW5I?fbclid=IwAR0T5iBHu-xRaiWjpVR-QEsabzKNIIshOiPo6z6NeE3Ep0o0NOAao4NvksA

5. An article for supporting a child’s well-being:  https://www.childtrends.org/publications/resources-for-supporting-childrens-emotional-well-being-during-the-covid-19-pandemic?fbclid=IwAR15QX40uMv1_rRKfnNFt0GroeTlXysvZMy6lbw_rctQv3fgtosmcSmcScE

6. CCR&R (Child Care Resource & Referral was kind enough to provide this resource for all things child care! The flyer contains contact numbers & links to current resources for families, businesses and the community as a whole to be aware of child care needs. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1ZLpwQB3DJ7V9nFDspEHIyYNeZQ0ELR6d&fbclid=IwAR2KZTIHrxtZtKgpsW37p7ngOtQ-8pZ3wvqc2ztdFv-LLw04UApS3f-aUC8

Additional Resources/Updates from local services, agencies, & other providers:

7. Power Up YOUth (in Hamilton County) is sharing mindfulness and other resources on their Facebook Page.  If you need any other ACES/Trauma-Informed Care Resources, touch base with Kathy Getting.  She has connections to some individuals with resources to share.

If there are additional resources you are looking for, let us know.  Building Families helps to coordinate a group of providers (serving prenatal to geriatrics) in a multi-county area.  We have the 4-county resource directory that will be updated this summer (so some things might not be 100% up-to-date).  In the meantime, please refer to: communitylinksforfamilies.org.  It is available in English & Spanish.

Schools are starting to wrap up their online/distance learning. Which means, summer “vacay”…& time to play! No matter what you do, play it safe. Get the Facts, Start Early, and Talk openly and often (with youth, parents/caregivers, your partner, your peers, your healthcare providers, & other supports). Although it may not be typical break,  and have some new safety adaptations…Make it a happy, fun, safe, & healthy summer to remember! The Bee Inspired Program & Building Families are here to offer programming and services, including Parent Cafés, Let’s Talk House Parties, & other activities via virtual/online formats. #education #prevention #awareness #access #beeinspiredFHW

SHIFT Happens is Dodge Ballin’ For East Twin Park!

Dodge For A Cause 2020:  SHIFT Happens to Sponsor Annual Dodgeball Tournament

Are you ready to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge? Students in 5th-12th grades, as well as families and/or community members, are invited to participate in the Annual Dodge For A Cause Dodgeball Tournament, sponsored by SHIFT Happens (Students Helping Impact Future Teens). The event is scheduled for Friday, March 6, 2020 (with a back-up date set for March 7, in case of inclement weather). Check-in starts at 5:30pm, with the “first throw” following at approximately 6:00pm. The event will be returning to Jeff Gym, located at the Webster City Middle School (1101 Des Moines Street) in Webster City. Teams of 8-10 members per team are welcome, and registration is $50 per team (that’s only $5 per player!).  Registration & T-shirt Forms can be found here.

There will be three (3) tournament brackets again this year; Middle School (5th-8th grades), High School (9th-12th grades), and a Community/Family Combo bracket. Any 5th-12th grade student in Hamilton County, as well as families, businesses, non-profit or civic groups, or community members are invited to pick their team, choose their theme, dress it up, and participate in this fun, substance-free event. Individuals may also support the cause by coming to the tournament, sponsoring a team, purchasing a t-shirt ($15 each, additional charge for plus sizes), or donating bracket/door prizes. Admission for spectators will be free-will-donation. The concession stand will be open, and be staffed by the After-Prom Moms.  All funds raised from the dodgeball tourney & t-shirt sales will go toward the Revitalization of East Twin ParkWebster City Rotary will be partnering on the SHIFT Happens efforts again this year, as their March Civic Project!

An added perk returning this year is the option to challenge a team. Want to play against your rival on the court? Want to challenge another family, group, or business? We can do our best to make that happen. Send a “Dodgeball Throwdown Challenge” via Social Media or email by following the rules on our Facebook page.

This year the SHIFTers are raising funds to help revitalize the East Twin Park.  All monies raised will be contributed to the account set-up through the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation.  SHIFT Happens encourages the community (and surrounding area) to help rally for this great cause!

Questions? Want to know how to register? Call Tiffany Larson at 515.602.6371 x4 or 515.835.1836 or email shifthappenshamco@gmail.com or tlarson@co.wright.ia.us. Pre-registration for teams & t-shirts is 2/21/2010.  Forms are available in the Middle and High School offices, Mornin’ Glory,  inTANDEM Workspace, Fuller Hall, and additional locations.  Individuals may also may register online at getmeregistered.com/DodgeForACause. Feel free to buzz over to our website, or follow the SHIFT Happens on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter for updates and more info!


February is #TDVAM!







Teen dating violence is more common than people think.  Did you know that 1 in 3 teens in the U.S. will experience some form of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse by someone they are in a relationship with before they become adults?  Nearly 2/3 of those youth will never tell anyone.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month is a month-long campaign dedicated to raising awareness about teen dating abuse.  Every February, people across the United States join together for the cause. Locally, the Bee Inspired Program Advisory Council and its collaborative partners are rallying to raise awareness to help prevent and end the cycle. This year, Crisis Intervention Service and the Bee Inspired Program through Building Families are teaming up to provide tips, tools, and other resources on the topic geared toward youth, parents/caregivers, schools, and the community.  Our goal is to encourage open and honest dialogue about teen dating violence.  We hope that you will join in our efforts.

You can help spread awareness by participating in our local efforts this February.  Below are three small and actionable ways you can be involved. Check out the graphics, and be sure to also checkout loveisrespect.org and breakthecycle.org for more resources.

  1. Get the FACTS, Start EARLY, & TALK Often—Everyone has the right to a safe and healthy relationship. However, dating abuse can happen to anyone. To help make a positive difference in changing the attached statistics, we encourage you to share these facts, promote healthy relationships, and have open and honest conversations on teen dating violence. We’ve shared a flyer with 5 statistics.
  2. Respect Week—Below are ideas for raising awareness about healthy relationships and dating abuse. You may choose to implement one or all of these throughout the week of February 9-15.
  3. Wear Orange—The ask is simple, wear orange and show your support for Teen Dating Violence prevention on Tuesday February 11, 2020. We’ve provided a sign (in English & Spanish) you may choose to use in your photos.

For more information and resources, feel free to follow us on social media, or contact us at:

Tiffany Larson, Bee Inspired Program through Building Families, tlarson@co.wright.ia.us







Kaylea Green, Crisis Intervention Service, kaylea@cishelps.org





Be sure to follow our daily #1Thing tips, tools, & resources on our social media.  They will be posted on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook.  Videos will be shared to the Bee Inspired YouTube Channel.







This year’s theme is #1Thing.







We’ll be sharing “Talk About Tuesday” videos on Tuesdays in February.







Here are additional resources (Statistics, Respect Week, & Wear Orange Day)!  Contact us for the pdf version of the files!

Youth in Philanthropy Opportunity Available in Hamilton County

2018-2019 Youth in Philanthropy Students at the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation Awards Night

Youth in Philanthropy (YiP) Program in Hamilton County: Applications for High School Juniors due by December 6th!

The Enhance Hamilton County Foundation’s Youth in Philanthropy (YiP) Program allows juniors and seniors from Hamilton County to experience philanthropy first hand, by reviewing grants and awarding monies steered by their decisions to assist local non-profit organizations. A total of up to eight area students (four juniors and four seniors) participate in the Youth in Philanthropy Program and represent both the South Hamilton and Webster City Community School Districts.  Student Advisory members will receive a $250 scholarship for each year they participate as a Youth in Philanthropy member, for a maximum scholarship of $500 from the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation.

For more information on the Youth in Philanthropy program, contact Tiffany Larson, Committee Chair, at tlarson@co.wright.ia.us or by calling (o) 515.602.6371 x 4 (c) 515.835.1836

Tentative 2019-2020 Details:
1. YiP Advisory Committee members will be recruited through an application process (Students may fill out the application themselves. They may be recommended by school guidance counselors and educators, outside agencies, and more). The Advisory Committee will consist of up to four (4) students from South Hamilton High School and Webster City High School (2 juniors and 2 seniors), plus the YiP Program Chair, Tiffany Larson of Bee Inspired CAPP Program through Building Families. For the 2019-2020 School Year, the students that served last year will be given the opportunity to serve again this year. This excludes the students that graduated. The empty spots will then be filled via the recruitment process. This includes filling out and submitting the YiP Application. Applications are available in the high school offices, touching base with Lindsay Gelder at South Hamilton and Sally Greenfield at Webster City, or by contacting Tiffany Larson.
2. Goal: To engage youth in understanding the importance of philanthropy, and introducing them to causes/needs throughout Hamilton County.
3. Requirement: The Advisory Committee would perform under the same guidelines and act alongside the EHCF Grant Review Committee, by reviewing all incoming grant applications during a specified grant cycle.

Each member will be required to attend initial orientation meeting(s), tentatively set for January, to discuss the vision of the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation and to go through grant process including scoring information and deadlines. The meeting(s) will be led by Tiffany Larson (YiP Program Chair) and Darcy Swon (EHCF Development Director) in attendance to answer specific Foundation questions. Each YiP committee member must review each grant score according to the Rubric that will be provided. There will be individual and large group meeting(s) to help score. The totals will then be submitted to Darcy Swon (EHCF Development Director) for compilation. Tiffany Larson will share the scheduled sessions (with South Hamilton and Webster City) for YiP committee members to come and ask questions if they are needing some assistance understanding the grant application and process. At the meeting(s), YiP committee members will gather to discuss the applications and compile their recommendations. YiP committee recommendations will be submitted to the EHCF Foundation Board for review and approval. The ECHF Board will determine the total amount of funds that the YiP program can grant out per cycle prior to the grant cycle commencing.
YiP committee representatives will be a part of the EHCF Grant Awards presentation in March 2020. All committee members MUST be in attendance to receive their scholarship(s).
4. Scholarship: To entice students to participate in this program, each YiP committee member will receive $250 per year they serve on this committee. For those serving two years, they will receive a $500 scholarship. New this year is that all committee members MUST attend the Awards presentation in March to receive the scholarship. Tiffany and Darcy will generate a press release regarding the YiP program for distribution through local media, social media and the Foundation’s website.

For more information on the Youth in Philanthropy (YiP) Program, contact Tiffany Larson, Committee Chair, at tlarson@co.wright.ia.us or by calling (o) 515.602.6371 x 4 (c) 515.835.1836.  For more information about the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation, the tools they offer the YiP Program, or additional questions, feel free visit their website at http://www.enhancehamiltoncounty.org, or contact Darcy Swon at 515.835.0437 or via email at dswon@enhancehamiltoncounty.org.

2019-2020 Grant Cycle-Tentative Dates:
• YiP Program Advisory Committee Applications Due—Friday December 6, 2019 by noon (12pm)
• YiP Program Advisory Committee Members notified—Prior to December 31, 2019
• All EHCF Grant Applications Due—December 31, 2019 by 5pm
• YiP Advisory Committee Orientation/Meeting (South Hamilton and Webster City sstudents—January 2020 (Exact Date, Time, and Location TBA)
• Initial Enhance Hamilton County Foundation Grant Review Committee Meeting with YiP Members—January 2020 in Webster City at inTANDEM Workspace (Date and Time TBA)
• Committees Review Grants—Prior to January 21, 2020 (South Hamilton and Webster City review separate from the adults)
• Grant Review Committees—Week of January 21, 2020 (interviews with EHCF Board & grant applicants, if needed)
• Grant Applicants notified if receiving funds or not—By February 15, 2020
• Grant Awards Ceremony—First Week of March 2020 (YiP Program Members must attend to receive scholarships)


A word document of the application is available, by request.

The BUZZ is…It’s Time To Talk!



Bee Inspired Program Encourages Youth-Adult Conversations Throughout October

October 1, 2019 – October is National “Let’s Talk” Month. “Let’s Talk” Month urges adults and adolescents to have open communication regarding relationships, sexuality, and other sexual health-related topics. Advocates believe in healthy, open relationships between children and their trusted adults, such as: parents, guardians, teachers and health care providers. Several organizations, such as the Bee Inspired Program through Building Families, have tips, tools, and resources available to help adults begin the conversation with youth.

This annual importance placed on comprehensive sex education began in 1975 to unify the plethora of organizations that work to help parents become better sex educators for their children. After only 10 years, the national month spread to more than 30 states, and by 1995, “Let’s Talk” Month became a national campaign sponsored by advocates from all 50 states.

In 2019, Prevent Child Abuse Iowa released research findings regarding Iowans’ perceptions of healthy relationships, sex and adolescent pregnancy. Iowa youth ranked healthy relationships as the most important topic among eight other conversations to have with trusted adults. However, the topics of sexually transmitted diseases/infections and child/teen pregnancy were ranked the least important. The research findings also showed that Iowa adolescents desired advice about using contraception/protection, recognizing when they were ready for sex, communicating consent and abstaining.

The mission of the Bee Inspired CAPP Program through Building Families is to empower ALL adolescents to make healthy informed decisions through education and community awareness in Franklin, Hamilton, and Wright Counties. A big focus of the programming and services includes increasing youth and adult conversations. It is important for parents, caregivers, and other adults to be Askable, Build Bridges with youth by using teachable moments to talk about “tough topics”, and Continue to Learn ways to “bee approachable”. It is so vitally important for youth and adults to increase communication, even on those tricky topics like relationships and sexual health. Parents and youth can start conversations small, and work into the tougher, and a bit more awkward topics. The goal is to get the FACTS, start EARLY, and TALK often; make it an age-appropriate, ongoing conversation. “Let’s Talk” Month encourages adults to be the primary educators that kids want with the accurate information they need. Parents and trusted adults can find communication tips, messages worth repeating, and more, in the materials promoted during “Let’s Talk” month.

Throughout October, the Bee Inspired Program and Advisory Council will be sponsoring several projects and activities, which include:
• “Let’s TALK: Tips & Tools for Being An Approachable Adult” Workshops
• “Let’s TALK” House Parties,
• “You’ve Been Swarmed” Awareness Campaign and FUNdraiser (taking place in Eagle Grove and Webster City October 7th-30th)
• Let’s Talk Month Social Media Campaign (sharing tips, tools, and resources on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook)

Individuals may contact the Program Coordinator for questions or information on the events, the Program, or how to start these conversations. Feel free to buzz over to our social media platforms, our website at bee-inspired.org, or contact the Bee Inspired CAPP Program Coordinator at 515.602.6371 (ext. 4) or tlarson@co.wright.ia.us.


“You’ve Been Swarmed” Awareness Campaign & Fundraiser Launches

The Buzz is…You’ve Been Swarmed:

Bee Inspired Program & Advisory Council Sponsoring Awareness Campaign and Fundraiser During Let’s Talk Month!

October is when leaves are falling, coffee shops are serving up pumpkin-flavored java, and when the Bee Inspired Program celebrates Let’s Talk Month . Each year the Program jumps on board the opportunity to raise awareness and education for crucial conversations on “tough topics”, as well as increasing youth-adult communication. Let’s Talk Month is recognized both locally and nationally. The campaign is dedicated to helping parents, caregivers, and other adults talk to youth about relationships and other sexual health-related topics in an open, honest and comprehensive way. The goal for Bee Inspired Program this October is to encourage youth-adult communication on a variety of health-related topics through teachable moments, activities/events, marketing and a “You’ve Bee Swarmed” fundraiser and awareness Campaign.

The buzz is swarms of bees will be making their appearance across Hamilton and Wright Counties thanks to the Bee Inspired CAPP Program through Building Families, and the Program’s Advisory Council. The bees will be buzzing around the serving area from October 7th-October 30th, with the swarms nesting in yards for two to five days. There will be at least one swarm of bees making their way around both counties, within the city limits of Webster City and Eagle Grove.

Buzzworthy Details on Placing, Relocation, & Removal:
🐝$20 Donation: A swarm will be placed, removed, and/or relocated from and individual’s yard, business, or other location.

🐝$25 Donation: An individual may purchase INSURANCE, and guarantee that a swarm will NOT be placed or relocated to their yard or business. This provides protection from future swarming, throughout the Campaign.

🐝If individuals are unable to donate at the time, they may contact the Program’s Coordinator to have a Trained Swarming Technician remove the bees at no cost.

🐝All funds raised throughout the Campaign go to support the various programming, projects, and services provided through the Bee Inspired Program. The Bee Inspired Program through Building Families serves Franklin, Hamilton, and Wright Counties, effective July 1, 2019.

🐝All donations may be made payable to Building Families (Memo Line: Bee Inspired Program), and sent to:
Building Families
% Bee Inspired Program
120 1st Ave NW, Suite 14
Clarion, Iowa 50525

🐝Individuals may set-up a swarm placement, relocation, removal, or a donation by:

1. 💻📱messaging our social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook)

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SHIFT Happens to Sponsor End of Summer Spikeball Bash

SHIFT Happens (Students Helping Impact Future Teens) invites YOU to participate in their first ever End of Summer Spikeball Bash. The event is scheduled for Saturday August 10, 2019 at the Nokomis Park/Middleton Sports Complex in Webster City. Sign-up starts at 1pm, with the event launching at approximately 1:30pm. There will be NO ENTRY FEE for this event. However, free will donations will be be accepted. All funds raised will go toward future events and activities sponsored by SHIFT Happens.

So what is Spikeball? The activity is kind of like volleyball and foursquare blended, but with a cornhole/bags scoring system. In other words it is a TRIFECTA OF FUN!  It is a two-on-two game.  Youth (grade 7 & up) AND Adults may enter a team, and those youth and adults will then compete in the same bracket. It can be a combo of any age or gender, consisting of the following options:  Youth-Youth Teammates, Youth-Adult Teammates, or Adult-Adult Teammates.

The team sport is played with a small, yellow ball that is hit onto a circle trampoline-like net. The exciting part of the activity is that there are no boundaries as to where the players stand while playing. Individuals will play at a very basic, beginner level for this year’s bash (a lot of the SHIFTers and community are new to this Spikeball/Roundnet sensation, so we are starting at an amateur level). The number of teams signed up will determine the point system for the event. Players will serve the ball down on the trampoline, and each team will then have three hits between them (sort of like bump, set, & spike). A team will then score a point when the other team hits the rim or ground with the ball, or allows it to bounce on the net twice. (Note: more rules for the event will be shared the day of the event).

Spikeball has become increasingly popular since it aired on the television show, Shark Tank. The SHIFT Happens youth thought it would be an engaging new activity for the Webster City area to enjoy before school kicks-off in late August. The event allows for youth and adults in the community to build positive connections, while taking part in substance-free fun in the sun!

Questions? Want more info? Feel free to contact Tiffany at 515.602.6371 x4 or tlarson@co.wright.ia.us.