The Bee Inspired CAPP Program believes that youth are our future mentors and leaders.  We believe that these young people can make healthy, informed decisions when they are given the knowledge and skills they need, and have access to services.  Helping youth achieve their fullest potential and accomplishing their goals and dreams will:

  • decrease dropout rates
  • increase academic success
  • decrease juvenile detention rates
  • prevent youth from engaging in risky behaviors
  • & more!

Our youth play a vital role in the future of our communities, businesses and counties.  The Program works diligently to ensure that teens are provided every opportunity to become healthy, independent and successful through the implementation of comprehensive – medically accurate, age-appropriate, and evidence-based – health education.

Bee In the Know…

Here you will find an updated Bee Inspired CAPP Program Brochure (2021).

What sexual health takes…
Below you will find a handout adapted from ACT For Youth Center for Excellence and the American Sexual Health Association.

healthy youth

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