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Health Education

Bee Inspired offers evidence-based &/or Evidence-Informed curricula and topical presentations in schools and alternative settings for FREE! Below is a list of services offered.

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Peer-to-Peer Health Education

Bee Inspired seeks teens to be trained as peer-to-peer educators in various health education topics. Teens would serve their community through the school year by:

  • acting as positive role models
  • educating peers about sexual health topics & healthy decision making
  • gain confidence
  • improve leadership skills
  • help make an impact through community awareness
  • & more!

This is an opportunity to not only increase your own personal knowledge of health education topics, but be a positive influence for your peers!


  • Serve as a positive role model for both youth and adults
  • Build Connections in your community
  • Earn community service hours
  • Build your resume for college applications & scholarships
  • Develop skills for your future
  • Be a resource for your peers
  • Assist the Bee Inspired CAPP Program Coordinator with programming duties
  • Help organize and assist with activities in the serving area
  • Opportunity to engage youth and adults on Bee Inspired Social Media Platforms

Topics may include:

  • Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships
  • Consent & Teen Dating Violence Prevention
  • Self Esteem
  • Body Image
  • HIV/AIDS, HPV, & other Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections (STDs/STIs)
  • Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
  • Safest, Safer, Unsafe Options (Abstinence + Birth Control Methods)
  • Refusal Skills/Negotiation Skills
  • Using Teen-Friendly Clinics
  • Reducing Risky Behaviors
  • Online/Digital Safety, Sexting Prevention, Teens & Tech, & Social Media
  • Communication with Peers, Parents/Caregivers, Partners, & other Trusted Adults
  • Youth-Adult Connections
  • Identifying Community Resources
  • & Much More


  • Ability to communicate effectively with youth and adults verbally and in writing
  • Knowledge of technology
  • Must be a team player
  • Access to own transportation is highly suggested
  • Must be willing to learn
  • May be asked to pass pre-employment/volunteer background check
  • Must live and/or attend school in Franklin, Hamilton, or Wright Counties
  • Must be in 9th-12th grade and/or ages 15-19 enrolled in school or an alternative setting

Looking for a chance to be a Peer-to-Peer Educator?  Did we mention there are incentives?  This is a chance to earn community service hours and build your resume for college applications and scholarships!  What a great opportunity to help your peers, school, and community while building self-efficacy skills!  Contact us at for more information on training opportunities!

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