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Providing youth with accurate, reliable health education is an important responsibility.  Studies reveal most kids prefer learning about these tough topics from their parents or a trusting adult!  As much as we put an emphasis on healthy behaviors such as proper exercise, eating healthy, brushing our teeth, wearing safety belts, and fire safety, the same should be for adolescent sexual health







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“Let’ Talk: Bee Approachable” workshops are available by request in Franklin, Hamilton, and Wright Counties. Any parent, grandparent, guardian, caregiver, or trusting adult that interacts with teens aged 13-19 is welcome to host a workshop or attend a presentation.

“Let’s Talk: House Parties” are also available. These can be tailored for each individual or group.












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The Workshop Layout:  The “Let’s Talk: Bee Approachable” workshop focuses on tips for talking to youth about tough topics by helping adults to learn the ABC’s:  Be Askable, Build Bridges, and Continue to Learn.

Participants are reminded of the importance of being the primary educators for children, especially in regards to talking about relationships, values, and sexual health.  Participants are provided with medically accurate, age-appropriate, and evidence-based information, in addition to tools that incorporate family values into their conversations.


Presentations have been developed using resources from the It’s that Easy: A Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children curriculum (Teenwise Minnesota and collaborating agencies, 2010), and resources provided by Prevent Child Abuse Iowa and EyesOpenIowa.

An excellent option to look at offering a workshop would be during October for Let’s Talk Month, April for STD Awareness Month & Sexual Assault Awareness Month, or May for Teen Empowerment Month!


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The Bee Inspired CAPP Program encourages parents, caregivers, and other approachable adults to Get the FACTS! Start EARLY & TALK often!  Bee on the lookout for FREE Workshops in the tri-county area!!

Triple A Awards

Each May the Bee Inspired Program celebrates Teen Empowerment Month. One activity the Program hosts during the awareness month is the Triple A, Approachable Adult Award.  Throughout the entire month, youth and adults are asked to nominate individuals they feel meet certain criteria. In June, the Bee Inspired CAPP Program and Advisory Council and judges select and award the recipient(s).

Why?  Prom and graduation season, followed by the long summer months tend to be a time when risky behaviors increase for youth. The Bee Inspired Council’s mission is that all youth be empowered to make healthy informed decisions through education and community awareness. Having approachable adults are fundamental to the success of youth. Approachable adults are the ones who inspire and motivate youth to stick to their goals, and encourage them to be healthy and successful. The recipients of this award do just that.  They work diligently to build connections in both their personal and professional lives to build connections that are positive and authentic with youth.

The Bee Inspired Council’s goal with this award is to highlight adults who are approachable for youth, in an effort to encourage other adults to do the same. Criterion for the “Triple A” are:

  • the adults are considered ASKABLE (i.e. they actively listen to and provide feedback in a non-judgmental manner)
  • the adults strive to BUILD BRIDGES with youth (i.e. engaging them in conversation and activities, using “teachable moments” when the opportunity knocks, educating youth on a variety of healthy behavior topics, providing safe spaces and activities for youth to engage, are teen-friendly)
  • the adult CONTINUES TO LEARN ways to enrich youth-adult connections (i.e. through community and youth involvement, positive youth development, service-learning projects, attending workshops or classes for ongoing learning and mentoring)
  • the adult lives and/or works in the serving area
  • the adult is a parent/caregiver, teacher/educator, coach, neighbor, mentor, role model, etc.
  • the adult is someone who shows good character and demonstrates a positive impact with youth

Triple A-Approachable Adult Award Recipients:

2019 Recipients will be posted soon!

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