We want to thank Iowa Specialty Hospital, Wright County Public Health, and the additional staff and volunteers that  collaborated on the Right Choice Teen Clinic the past 5+ years!  The Right Choice Teen Clinic (RCTC) discontinued services, effective 6/30/17.  The RCTC was offered EVERY TUESDAY from 3-6pm, with walk-ins until 5pm.  The Clinic served teens ages 13-19 in Hamilton, Humboldt, & Wright Counties at the IOWA SPECIALTY HOSPITAL OUTREACH CLINIC in CLARION.

Buzz-worthy Tips from the RCTC:

***The Bee Inspired CAPP Program is able to help refer teens to local medical providers (local medical centers and clinics or Women’s Health Clinics), Webster County Public Health Family Planning Program (with satellite locations in Webster City, Clarion, & Humboldt), Community Health Center, or additional options that may be available that offer access to teen-friendly, confidential, and comprehensive adolescent sexual health education & services.  This can include access to contraceptives & family planning options.

***Remember Abstinence is the 100% most effective and SAFEST choice to preventing STDs and teen pregnancy. If you are choosing to be sexually active, make sure to be making SAFER choices and be protected. Know what UNSAFE choices put you at risk, and GYT…Get Yourself Tested!

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