Our busy 🐝 “Bee Lady” Program Coordinator, Tiffany,  buzzes around implementing comprehensive medically-accurate, age & developmentally appropriate, & evidence-based/informed programming in schools & alternative settings. Additionally, provides presentations, tips, tools, & resources to parents/caregivers and other adults in Franklin, Hamilton, Humboldt, & Wright Counties.

There are a variety of materials & resources that are available for you or any other parents/caregivers, schools, community partners, or individuals/groups that may be interested (while supplies last):

🐝decks of cards
🐝posters & bookmarks
🐝dice (pre-print, pdf, & electronic options)
Notice: the electronic dice game works on laptops and non-apple phones. https://pcaiowa.itch.io. We tested it out & it works on an android as long as click on “desktop browser view”.
🐝workshops, presentations, “House Party” Options, & tabled-outreach events/health fairs
🐝other “Let’s TALK” focused content

Note: Some items are for youth, while some are geared for parents/caregivers & other trusted adults. Some items are in both English & Spanish.







As we empower ALL youth to make healthy informed decisions through education, prevention, community awareness, & connections to resources we want to encourage open & honest communication between youth & adults—making it an 18-year, ongoing conversation!

Prevent Child Abuse Iowa (whom oversees our CAPP Grant) also has the following websites available with more resources:
a. Youth Focused
b. Adult Focused

EyesOpenIowa is another hub of information, with tips & tools available at: eyesopeniowa.org/news//october-is-lets-talk-month-1.

There’s no one right way to talk about changing bodies, puberty, relationships, consent, online/digital safety, & other sexual health topics like STIs/STDs or pregnancy. The best thing is to Get the FACTS, START Early, START Talking, & TALK Often. We are here to help navigate through these vital convos…together!
#BeeIntheKnow #BeeAskable #BeeApproachable
YouTube video highlighting our resources can be found HERE.

We strive to help support parents/caregivers, schools, community partners, & other individuals in the community with FREE resources & programming. If we’re unable to answer a question or assist, we’ll do our best to help connect you with reliable, accurate information and resources from books, websites, resources, & refererrals. Below are some Tips For Talking To Teens from Answer:






Got Questions? Contact Us!






Anonymous Question/Comment Virtual Space
We also offer an anonymous, bilingual virtual space. This is where youth AND adults may ask questions or provide feedback/content ideas VIRTUALLY.  We use this in the classroom in addition to a “question box”. If outside of the classroom, we can tailor social media content to highlight topics (i.e. what is puberty, what does a healthy relationship look like, where does someone go to get STI testing, how can I start a conversation with my child/my parent). The link guides an individual through in English or Spanish.  It allows a connection to medically-accurate, age-appropriate, developmentally-appropriate, & evidence-based/informed information and resources when in/outside the classroom or alternative settings. Please note it is NOT checked daily, so please practice patience. Direct link HERE or scan the QR code.

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