2018-2019 Youth in Philanthropy Students at the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation Awards Night

Are you a junior? Attend school at South Hamilton or Webster City? Want to be involved in making a difference in the county? Join the Youth in Philanthropy (YiP) Program Advisory Committee!

The Youth in Philanthropy (YiP) Program is a component of the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation (EHCF). It allows juniors and seniors from Hamilton County to experience philanthropy first hand. While serving on the Advisory Committee, youth will be able to review grants and award monies steered by their decisions to assist local non-profit organizations that serve Hamilton County. Youth involved gain leadership skills, and are taught the importance of giving and serving. Students participate on the YiP Advisory Committee, and represent both the South Hamilton and Webster City Community School Districts.

For the 2021-2022 School Year, the students that served on the committee last year will be given the opportunity to serve again this year. Thus, the EHCF is seeking JUNIORS to fill spots from each school district in Hamilton County. To entice participation, the EHCF Board provides Advisory Committee members with a $250 scholarship for each year they participate (with a max of $500 for both years served).

Youth interested in being a part of the Advisory Committee are encouraged to review the information sheet and complete the application. Completed application forms may be submitted to the high school guidance offices, or emailed to tlarson@co.wright.ia.us or beeinspiredcappprogram@gmail.com. Submission deadline is END OF DAY on Friday December 17, 2021. The youth selected to serve will be notified ASAP, as grant recommendations are needed prior to February 15h.

For questions and additional information on the Youth in Philanthropy Program, feel free to contact the Advisory Committee Chair, Tiffany Larson (Bee Inspired Program Coordinator), at tlarson@co.wright.ia.us or by calling (o) 515.602.6371 x 4 (c) 515.835.1836. For more information on the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation, contact Darcy Swon at dswon@enhancehamiltoncounty.org or 515.835.0437.

The Application and more Information may be found in the YiP Google Drive here.

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