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February 1, 2021

Teen dating violence is more common than people think.  Did you know that 1 in 3 teens in the U.S. will experience some form of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse by someone they are in a relationship with before they become adults?  Nearly 2/3 of those youth will never tell anyone.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month is a month-long campaign dedicated to raising awareness about teen dating violence and abuse.  Every February, people across the United States join together for the cause. Locally, Crisis Intervention Service and the Bee Inspired Program through Building Families are teaming up to provide tips, tools, and other resources on the topic geared toward youth, parents/caregivers, schools, churches, libraries, providers, and other community members.  Our goal is to encourage open and honest dialogue about teen dating violence with a local theme of “Let’s Talk…TDVAM”. 

There is a lot that YOU can do to help prevent teen dating violence and abuse.  One of the most important is keeping the lines of communication open with youth.  To help educate and spread awareness, we have created short and  actionable activities that individuals may be involved in throughout the prevention month:

  1. Get the FACTS, Start EARLY, & TALK Often—Everyone has the right to a safe and healthy relationship. However, dating abuse can happen to anyone. To help make a positive difference in changing the statistics, we encourage individuals to share the shared facts, promote healthy relationships, and have open and honest conversations on teen dating violence. These can be shared in announcements, bulletins, newsletters, social media, and more.
  2. Let’s Talk…TDVAM—Individuals may join a “Let’s Talk” Facebook Live Event on Thursday February 25, 2021.  Tiffany, the Bee Inspired Program Coordinator, will be having a casual conversation with Kaylea from Crisis Intervention Service.
  3. Respect Week—We will be providing ideas for raising awareness about healthy relationships, consent, dating abuse, and more. Individuals may choose to implement one or all of them throughout the second week of February.
  4. Wear Orange—The ask is simple, wear orange and show your support for Teen Dating Violence prevention on Tuesday February 9, 2021.  We have created 3 simple steps to share on social media.
  5. Education, Prevention, & is focusing on “KNOW Your Worth”.  Learn all about healthy relationships, self-empowerment, and ideas on how to stop dating abuse/violence before it starts.  EVERY person is deserving of a healthy, loving relationship.

Know Your Worth








For more information and resources, feel free to contact:

Kaylea Green (Domestic Abuse Advocate) with Crisis Intervention Service at

Tiffany Larson (Bee Inspired CAPP Program Coordinator) with Building Families at

1. A press release for TDVAMWe are sharing information on how others can join us.  In the google drive you will find the following:

2. A flyer for a Let’s Talk…Facebook Live Event on 2/25/2021 at 6pm on the Bee Inspired CAPP Program Facebook Page

3. A graphic for Wear Orange Day on 2/9/2021

4. A flyer for our local Respect Week

5. A Stat Sheet


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