2018-2019 Youth in Philanthropy Students at the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation Awards Night

Youth in Philanthropy (YiP) Program in Hamilton County: Applications for High School Juniors due by December 6th!

The Enhance Hamilton County Foundation’s Youth in Philanthropy (YiP) Program allows juniors and seniors from Hamilton County to experience philanthropy first hand, by reviewing grants and awarding monies steered by their decisions to assist local non-profit organizations. A total of up to eight area students (four juniors and four seniors) participate in the Youth in Philanthropy Program and represent both the South Hamilton and Webster City Community School Districts.  Student Advisory members will receive a $250 scholarship for each year they participate as a Youth in Philanthropy member, for a maximum scholarship of $500 from the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation.

For more information on the Youth in Philanthropy program, contact Tiffany Larson, Committee Chair, at tlarson@co.wright.ia.us or by calling (o) 515.602.6371 x 4 (c) 515.835.1836

Tentative 2019-2020 Details:
1. YiP Advisory Committee members will be recruited through an application process (Students may fill out the application themselves. They may be recommended by school guidance counselors and educators, outside agencies, and more). The Advisory Committee will consist of up to four (4) students from South Hamilton High School and Webster City High School (2 juniors and 2 seniors), plus the YiP Program Chair, Tiffany Larson of Bee Inspired CAPP Program through Building Families. For the 2019-2020 School Year, the students that served last year will be given the opportunity to serve again this year. This excludes the students that graduated. The empty spots will then be filled via the recruitment process. This includes filling out and submitting the YiP Application. Applications are available in the high school offices, touching base with Lindsay Gelder at South Hamilton and Sally Greenfield at Webster City, or by contacting Tiffany Larson.
2. Goal: To engage youth in understanding the importance of philanthropy, and introducing them to causes/needs throughout Hamilton County.
3. Requirement: The Advisory Committee would perform under the same guidelines and act alongside the EHCF Grant Review Committee, by reviewing all incoming grant applications during a specified grant cycle.

Each member will be required to attend initial orientation meeting(s), tentatively set for January, to discuss the vision of the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation and to go through grant process including scoring information and deadlines. The meeting(s) will be led by Tiffany Larson (YiP Program Chair) and Darcy Swon (EHCF Development Director) in attendance to answer specific Foundation questions. Each YiP committee member must review each grant score according to the Rubric that will be provided. There will be individual and large group meeting(s) to help score. The totals will then be submitted to Darcy Swon (EHCF Development Director) for compilation. Tiffany Larson will share the scheduled sessions (with South Hamilton and Webster City) for YiP committee members to come and ask questions if they are needing some assistance understanding the grant application and process. At the meeting(s), YiP committee members will gather to discuss the applications and compile their recommendations. YiP committee recommendations will be submitted to the EHCF Foundation Board for review and approval. The ECHF Board will determine the total amount of funds that the YiP program can grant out per cycle prior to the grant cycle commencing.
YiP committee representatives will be a part of the EHCF Grant Awards presentation in March 2020. All committee members MUST be in attendance to receive their scholarship(s).
4. Scholarship: To entice students to participate in this program, each YiP committee member will receive $250 per year they serve on this committee. For those serving two years, they will receive a $500 scholarship. New this year is that all committee members MUST attend the Awards presentation in March to receive the scholarship. Tiffany and Darcy will generate a press release regarding the YiP program for distribution through local media, social media and the Foundation’s website.

For more information on the Youth in Philanthropy (YiP) Program, contact Tiffany Larson, Committee Chair, at tlarson@co.wright.ia.us or by calling (o) 515.602.6371 x 4 (c) 515.835.1836.  For more information about the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation, the tools they offer the YiP Program, or additional questions, feel free visit their website at http://www.enhancehamiltoncounty.org, or contact Darcy Swon at 515.835.0437 or via email at dswon@enhancehamiltoncounty.org.

2019-2020 Grant Cycle-Tentative Dates:
• YiP Program Advisory Committee Applications Due—Friday December 6, 2019 by noon (12pm)
• YiP Program Advisory Committee Members notified—Prior to December 31, 2019
• All EHCF Grant Applications Due—December 31, 2019 by 5pm
• YiP Advisory Committee Orientation/Meeting (South Hamilton and Webster City sstudents—January 2020 (Exact Date, Time, and Location TBA)
• Initial Enhance Hamilton County Foundation Grant Review Committee Meeting with YiP Members—January 2020 in Webster City at inTANDEM Workspace (Date and Time TBA)
• Committees Review Grants—Prior to January 21, 2020 (South Hamilton and Webster City review separate from the adults)
• Grant Review Committees—Week of January 21, 2020 (interviews with EHCF Board & grant applicants, if needed)
• Grant Applicants notified if receiving funds or not—By February 15, 2020
• Grant Awards Ceremony—First Week of March 2020 (YiP Program Members must attend to receive scholarships)


A word document of the application is available, by request.

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