SHARE YOUR TALENT Challenge Deadline 6/17/19







The Bee Inspired Program through Building Families encourages youth ages 12-19 that live in or attend school in Hamilton, Humboldt, and Wright Counties to enter the SHARE YOUR TALENT Challenge. It is one of several activities wrapping up Teen Empowerment Month in May. It is an opportunity to share their voice and talents, while to taking an active role in empowering their peers to make healthy informed decisions through education and community awareness.

We are calling all future writers, directors, actors, actresses, musicians, artists and more to take part in the Challenge. The contest is part of our recognition of Teen Empowerment Month in May. Peer to peer messages can be very powerful, and are an important prevention tool. The contest is designed for youth in the tri-county area to develop video/movie clips, photography, music, art, poetry, or some other form of medium that are creative, unique, medically accurate, age-appropriate, and meet the challenge criteria.

The theme for the Challenge is “Bee Empowered”. Healthy, happy and successful youth are essential to the well-being of every community. For this Challenge, we are asking youth to share how they are empowered to be happy, healthy and successful. It can be for them personally, tips for other youth, building youth-adult-connections, or more! Need Ideas? Here are a few:
• Share a response to, “I am powerful when…”
• Respond to, “How are you empowered to make healthy, informed decisions?”
• Highlight ways youth can “bee empowered” to be healthy, or more!
If they wish, youth may also include (but are not limited to) tips or information on getting the facts, setting limits and boundaries, being safe and protected, healthy relationships, teen health and/or sexual health topics, responsibility, STD or pregnancy prevention, resisting pressure(s), accessing resources, having conversations with approachable adults, or other topics related “being empowered” to make happy, healthy and informed decisions as a youth.

Local classrooms, after-school programs, individuals, and/or groups of youth are eligible to enter the SHARE YOUR TALENT Challenge. Entries are due by 4pm on June 17, 2019. The winning entry will have the chance to win a $100 cash prize, and additional prize opportunities for other entries. All winning entries will be recognized by the Bee Inspired Program prior to June 30th.

For more information on the challenge, additional activities in the tri-county area for Teen Empowerment Month and the program; please contact Tiffany with the Bee Inspired Program at, or buzz on over to our social media platforms or
Each entry must submit the following forms:

TEM Talent Challenge Submission Form-Media Release TEM Share Your Talent Challenge2019