The Buzz is…You’ve Been Swarmed:

Bee Inspired Program & Advisory Council Sponsoring Awareness Campaign and Fundraiser During Let’s Talk Month!

October is when leaves are falling, coffee shops are serving up pumpkin-flavored java, and when the Bee Inspired Program celebrates Let’s Talk Month . Each year the Program jumps on board the opportunity to raise awareness and education for crucial conversations on “tough topics”, as well as increasing youth-adult communication. Let’s Talk Month is recognized both locally and nationally. The campaign is dedicated to helping parents, caregivers, and other adults talk to youth about relationships and other sexual health-related topics in an open, honest and comprehensive way. The goal for Bee Inspired Program this October is to encourage youth-adult communication on a variety of health-related topics through teachable moments, activities/events, marketing and a “You’ve Bee Swarmed” fundraiser and awareness Campaign.

The buzz is swarms of bees will be making their appearance across Hamilton and Wright Counties thanks to the Bee Inspired CAPP Program through Building Families, and the Program’s Advisory Council. The bees will be buzzing around the serving area from October 7th-October 30th, with the swarms nesting in yards for two to five days. There will be at least one swarm of bees making their way around both counties, within the city limits of Webster City and Eagle Grove.

Buzzworthy Details on Placing, Relocation, & Removal:
🐝$20 Donation: A swarm will be placed, removed, and/or relocated from and individual’s yard, business, or other location.

🐝$25 Donation: An individual may purchase INSURANCE, and guarantee that a swarm will NOT be placed or relocated to their yard or business. This provides protection from future swarming, throughout the Campaign.

🐝If individuals are unable to donate at the time, they may contact the Program’s Coordinator to have a Trained Swarming Technician remove the bees at no cost.

🐝All funds raised throughout the Campaign go to support the various programming, projects, and services provided through the Bee Inspired Program. The Bee Inspired Program through Building Families serves Franklin, Hamilton, and Wright Counties, effective July 1, 2019.

🐝All donations may be made payable to Building Families (Memo Line: Bee Inspired Program), and sent to:
Building Families
% Bee Inspired Program
120 1st Ave NW, Suite 14
Clarion, Iowa 50525

🐝Individuals may set-up a swarm placement, relocation, removal, or a donation by:

1. 💻📱messaging our social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook)

2. contacting Tiffany Larson, the Bee Inspired Program Coordinator, via:

📧 or

📞515.602.6371 (ext. 4)  or 515.835.1836

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