SHIFT Happens (Students Helping Impact Future Teens) invites YOU to participate in their first ever End of Summer Spikeball Bash. The event is scheduled for Saturday August 10, 2019 at the Nokomis Park/Middleton Sports Complex in Webster City. Sign-up starts at 1pm, with the event launching at approximately 1:30pm. There will be NO ENTRY FEE for this event. However, free will donations will be be accepted. All funds raised will go toward future events and activities sponsored by SHIFT Happens.

So what is Spikeball? The activity is kind of like volleyball and foursquare blended, but with a cornhole/bags scoring system. In other words it is a TRIFECTA OF FUN!  It is a two-on-two game.  Youth (grade 7 & up) AND Adults may enter a team, and those youth and adults will then compete in the same bracket. It can be a combo of any age or gender, consisting of the following options:  Youth-Youth Teammates, Youth-Adult Teammates, or Adult-Adult Teammates.

The team sport is played with a small, yellow ball that is hit onto a circle trampoline-like net. The exciting part of the activity is that there are no boundaries as to where the players stand while playing. Individuals will play at a very basic, beginner level for this year’s bash (a lot of the SHIFTers and community are new to this Spikeball/Roundnet sensation, so we are starting at an amateur level). The number of teams signed up will determine the point system for the event. Players will serve the ball down on the trampoline, and each team will then have three hits between them (sort of like bump, set, & spike). A team will then score a point when the other team hits the rim or ground with the ball, or allows it to bounce on the net twice. (Note: more rules for the event will be shared the day of the event).

Spikeball has become increasingly popular since it aired on the television show, Shark Tank. The SHIFT Happens youth thought it would be an engaging new activity for the Webster City area to enjoy before school kicks-off in late August. The event allows for youth and adults in the community to build positive connections, while taking part in substance-free fun in the sun!

Questions? Want more info? Feel free to contact Tiffany at 515.602.6371 x4 or

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