It’s that time of year again…October!  One of our favorites!   It means schools are celebrating Homecoming and School Pride, coffee shops are serving up Pumpkin Chais, and we of course are celebrating Let’s Talk Month.  Each year we jump on board the opportunity to raise awareness and education for crucial conversations on “tough topics” with youth and adults.  Let’s Talk Month (#LTM) is recognized both locally and nationally.  The campaign is dedicated to helping parents/guardians and children/teens talk about relationships and sexual health topics in an open, honest and comprehensive way. The hope is to turn “the talk” into an ongoing conversation, one in which both young people and their parents/guardians feel comfortable and confident!

This year for #LTM, the Bee Inspired Program through Building Families is launching the “Name the Bee Mascot” Contest.  It is the first part of the “Bee in the Know” Marketing Campaign kicking-off in the serving area.  Youth and adults in Hamilton, Humboldt, and Wright Counties may submit entries to help name our “bee” and bring them to life for use on our social media platforms throughout the year. Our “busy bee” will then be empowering ALL adolescents in the tri-county serving area to make healthy informed decisions through education and community awareness through snaps, videos, and more!

Name the Bee Mascot Contest Details:

  1. Youth AND/OR Adults may submit ONE name PER DAY.
  2. One youth OR adult from the tri-county area will be selected as the one winner.
  3. Entries may be submitted until the deadline of 12:00 pm on 10/10/17.
  4. Youth and/or adults submitting entries must attend school/alternative setting or live and/or work in Hamilton, Humboldt, or Wright Counties.
  5. Mascot name submissions MUST be appropriate.  It is highly recommended that they fit the bee logo and the Bee Inspired Program brand.
  6. Those entering MUST abide by all Contest Rules and Agreements. Contest Rules and Agreements.
  7. Submit entries online or via email to







***Special thank you to Enhance Hamilton County Foundation for partial funding of the Bee in the Know Marketing Campaign.

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