It’s State Fair time!  This means that summer is winding down, and school will be kicking off soon.  The Buzz is to Bee Inspired.  Below we have provided 5 tips for both youth AND adults on HOW to bee inspired to make healthy informed decisions this school year!

Tips for Youth: INFORMED: Get the FACTS and TALK to approachable adults in your life!  Shoot to have at least 1-3 adults that you can reach out to for support and correct information.

2. Bee in the KNOW: Be open to learning. Learn new skills, especially those that help in empowering you to be healthy and successful.

3. Bee INVOLVED: Get connected to your peers, your family, your community, school activities, youth development programs, & more.  Embrace new opportunities that help you grow.

4.  Bee AWARE: Don’t be afraid to ask for help! There are many resources available to children and families in the serving area.  Share with your peers and family members.

5. Bee ABOVE THE INFLUENCE: Set your Goals. Stick to your limits. Remember the pillars of character at school, home, and in the community. Resist Pressures. Grow  yourself, and help others.

Tips for Parents, Caregivers, & Other Adults:

dreamstimemedium_16045357-fatherkids1. Bee INFORMED: Get the FACTS, START Early, and TALK often! Encourage youth to get the facts, and talk to them about how to be healthy and successful!

2.  Bee in the KNOW: Communicate with youth about school, friends, activities, goals, and expectations. Be an approachable adult by being Askable, Building Bridges, and Continuing to Learn.

3. Bee Involved: There are so many groups, classes, events, and activities available in the community.  Get involved, volunteer, eat together, and spend time together.  Talk WITH Youth.  Collaborate more!

4. Bee Aware: There are many resources available in the area, from prenatal to gerontology (services focused on the elderly). Be open to seeking out help or support when you need it, whether for yourself or your family.  Share with others, be it your neighbor or a friend.

5. Bee ABOVE THE INFLUENCE: Encourage your youth to set limits and stick to them! Motivate them to be above the influence of drugs, alcohol, bullying, peer pressure, partner pressure, & other risky behaviors!  Be a positive role model for them.

The Bee Inspired CAPP Program Coordinator is available to provide resources & referrals to all youth, parents and caregivers, school districts, and other community members in Hamilton, Humboldt, and Wright Counties. Feel free to BUZZ around for more information on programs, services, and upcoming events.

Looking for additional resources?  For funded programs and services that help to build healthy, independent, and successful children and families, check out  Access to community resources in Hamilton, Humboldt, Wright, and Webster Counties are provided for free in a resource directory (available in English and Spanish), which is available at  Teen-friendly resources can be accessed here.

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