Tips for parents, caregivers, and other adults to share with teens about having a SAFER, SOBER, & FUN Prom!

  • Encourage them to get the facts & talk to them about how to protect themselves!
  • Encourage them to set their limits & stick to them!
  • Empower them to communicate with your date about THEIR expectations!
  • Remind them to RESPECT their date!
  • Motivate them to be ABOVE THE INFLUENCE …of drugs, alcohol, bullying, peer pressure, partner pressure, & other risky behaviors!
  • Share with them the 4 B’s for beating Peer Pressure: Bee Prepared, Bee True To Yourself, Bee Firm, & Bee Inspired to ask for help when you need it!
  • Remind them that refusal & negotiation skills like S.T.O.P (Say No, Talk It Out, Offer An Explanation, & Provide Alternatives) can help them get out of sticky situations, and help keep them safe!
  • Emphasize the importance of checking in: set up a game plan with teens on when they should check in (whether that is when they arrive at their destination, whenever YOU agree for occasional check-ins, if plans change, if they are running late, what their post-prom plans are, or if they need a ride for ANY reason).
  • Encourage them to RELAX, BE SAFE, STAY SOBER, & HAVE FUN!!

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